How to Draw a Cartoon TV

Artist: Dawn / September 18, 2008

Step 1.

Okay this is such a simple step. All you have to do is draw a perfect medium sized square box. Then draw the two lines for the antennas as shown.

Step 2.

Now you will first finish the antenna drawing and add a small blended in ball tip and make the right antenna crocked. Now draw another rounded square box on the inside of the larger box you drew in step one. this will be the tube. After you do that y   

Step 3.

What you will do in this last drawing step is finish drawing out the TV tube as shown and make sure that it looks perfect. The sides of the tube should be slightly rounded and the corners should be slightly pointed. since there is no guidelines or sh   

Step 4.

When you are done your cartoon TV should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do is color it in and add a character inside your screen. That will end this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon TV step by step. i will be back in a b   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 18, 2008
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Description: Hello all, I am back with more drawing tutorials for you all. Today’s first drawing tutorial is going to be really, really simple because I will teach you how to draw an easy cartoon television or TV. Why did I choose to draw a TV? Well because first off why not, secondly I think that a TV is an essential item that anyone should know how to draw whether you are drawing landscapes of a parlor, or a character sitting in front of a TV while relaxing on a couch, anything like that at all is a good enough reason to draw this item. Besides I think there are a lot of young kids that would appreciate a tutorial like this so they could draw their favorite character inside of the television screen. I can remember being a small kid and there were plenty of times that I drew TVs in school drawings or when I was at home sitting in the living room coloring and drawing what my surroundings looked like. Drawing a cartoon TV is probably one of the easiest things to draw. I mean think about it all you are doing is drawing a square box with a smaller square box drawn in the middle, two long straight lines on the top of the set for the antennas, and then a couple of push buttons so that you can change the channel of your cartoon TV. There are so many things that you can do with drawing a television. In my tutorial I put one of my favorite characters in the screen. The character I chose was somebody that I was infatuated with up until I was six years old (and that was probably because he was a dinosaur), and that person is Barney. I use to love watching Barney I even had a Barney stuffed animal and everything. Anyway I think you will enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon TV step by step. The drawing came out wicked cute and almost perfect, making it that much more fun to draw. I will be back with more tutorials in a bit. So until I return I bid thee a short farewell.