How to Draw a Bow and Arrow

Artist: Dawn / September 18, 2008

Step 1.

This is a very simple tutorial and this first step is very easy. You will first draw the shape of the curved bow handle and then draw the shape of the hand grip. next draw a straight line for the pull string and then draw the perfectly straight linin   

Step 2.

You will next start sketching out the actual thickness of the bow as shown. Make sure the ends bend inward and then out again. On the arrow you will draw the triangle tip and then two simple slanted lines for the feathered tail.

Step 3.

In this next step you will cap off the end tips of the bow and then detail the hand grip with curled in lines to make it look like it would fit between your fingers. For the arrow you will detail the tip and then finish off the shaping of the feathe   

Step 4.

You will then start this final drawing step by lightly detailing the hand grip with definition lines as well as placing grooves in the feather on the middle part of the arrow. You will also detail the diamond shaped end tip as well. Erase the line th   

Step 5.

This is what your final step should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do now is color it in and you are done. That will end this tutorial on how to draw an easy bow and arrow step by step. Be back folks.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 18, 2008
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Description: Okay who wants another tutorial on a weapon? Well I decided to draw a weapon that I been meaning to do for some time now but never got around to it until now. Today I will be showing you "how to draw a bow and arrow". The very first bow and arrow creation was more than forty thousand years ago in Western Europe. These archery weapons have been in use practically since the dawn of man whether it is for hunting, or used as a weapon for war. Most people associate the bow and arrow with Native Americans because they are the first ones that used such weapons when the white man terrorized their sacred lands and fought with their guns and horses. The Native Americans fought brave and true using only their skilled hands, bows and arrows, and spears. Sometimes they would ride on horses and sometimes they would fight on foot. Either way they were and still are respected and brave people. To me Native Americans are true Americans that lived off the land in peace and harmony. They never took more than they needed and they never abused the land. The bow is made up of a pair of curved elastic limbs, which is usually made of wood. It is then connected by a string that is tightened just enough to withstand the type of tension that is required to shoot an arrow. The use of the bow and arrow is in fact a skill called archery. An archer is a skilled individual that has precise accuracy to shoot the arrow in a straight, curved or upward direction. When battles were fought back when England had beef with Scotland and other surrounding territories they usually used archers as a second blow to the ground soldiers that were in battle. The string from a bow was usually made from an animal body part such as sinew, intestine, or hair. Sinew is like an elastic like tissue that connects the bone and muscle together, as you can imagine this is a very durable piece of tissue. When I think of a bow and arrow I think of the old wars and Indians. This tutorial will show you how to draw a bow and arrow step by step with detailed instructions. I know you will like this tutorial because it is a very versatile weapon that can be placed on a variety of characters. I will be back soon with yet more tutorials for you all until then peace out.