How to Draw a Cartoon Rooster

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Okay, start with a circle for the roosters head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a long neck line and connect it to the egg shaped body. Next draw a long curved line for the rooster’s tail and then the leg guideline.


What you will be doing in this second step is drawing out the comb of the rooster. You will draw the points rounded instead of pointy looking. Using the facial guidelines draw two circles for the buggy looking eyes. Next draw the beginning shape of t   


Draw out and color in the pupils, then draw out the wattle of this bold bird. Detail the beak and then draw a hint of the left side of the cheek. Add some feathers going up and down the neck as well as thickening it. You will start sketching out the    


You will draw out the body of the rooster and then draw the rooster's wing. Add a second line for the tail feathers and then finish drawing out the under body.


You are already almost done with this tutorial. What I want you to do next is add a few feather lines to his wing and chest, and then draw out the legs and claws.


This is your last drawing step. As you can see all you have to do is draw out the rooster's tail feathers by adding shape and detail. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


When you are done your rooster or cock should look like this. Color him in and you have just finished learning how to draw a rooster or cock step by step.

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January 28, 2017

Description: It is now time to show all you members and visitors out there how to draw a cartoon rooster step by step. There is a variety of names that people call this farm animal and some of these names sound weird. For the most part I am going to do a lesson on how to draw a cock or chanticleer and I know that it will be fun because he is cute, bug eyed, and he even looks a bit mean. Just because this is a cartoon looking rooster, that doesn’t mean I will not be giving you the 411 on this animal. It is believed that the rooster is the male version of a chicken. Now since I know this to be true, I will go on the record and say that yes, a rooster is a male chicken. Roosters that are less than a year old are called cockerels, but the oldest term for a rooster is cock which is derived from the Old English language. This bird is not what I would call a monogamous bird. Roosters mate with more than one hen and they are paired up in groups. Now since a rooster cannot protect and watch over the whole hen house, he will often watch over the hens that he has mated with. “Is it true that rooster’s crow at the rise of every dawn?” Well, roosters or cocks are known to make their all time famous crow at the rise of every sun or at the crack of dawn. That doesn’t mean that the only time they crow is at dawn though. They can crow whenever they feel needed. These farm birds walk with their head held high, and their chests crested erect. They are considered to be birds of pride which totally matches with their very stern appearance. Because these birds are very bold, there have been cases of illegal cock fights where they will fight to the death to win a match. Of course things like may seem brutal, there are some countries that allow cock fighting. The erect bright red skin that roosters have on their heads is called the comb and the high tips are called points. Their hanging skin under the neck of a rooster is a wattle, and this is a very popular name that some people are called. Roosters are one of the most interesting animals to look at when visiting a zoo farm. I drew my rooster in a very playful way so that everyone is able to learn "how to draw a cartoon rooster", step by step. Have fun y’all and keep on drawing.

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