How to Draw a Cartoon Roman Legionary Helmet

Artist: simpson_kid1123 / April 14, 2010

Step 1.

With step one we will be drawing the top of the helmet. The red ploom and metal bar leading down from the ploom.

Step 2.

Next we draw the top of the actual head protection. A vital part of the helmet if you don't want your cartoon legionary to be killed by an onslaught of high-flying arrows.

Step 3.

Last step already well have fun drawing the rest of the helmet. Have fun with your cartoon legionary!

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Artist: simpson_kid1123
Date Added: April 14, 2010
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Description: The Roman Legionaries were set up into groups called legions, the legions were sized from 3,000-5,000. These legions were set into smaller groups called manipals sized from 30-120 Legionaries. Roman generals each had there own armies (which was not necessarily good, for it led to many civil wars) which were set up into legions which were set up into manipals. The Legionaries were like Roman infantrymen. The legions were useful also because they were more flexible and easy to control then the Greek phalanx. Look out for my tutoriall on a Cartoon Greek Helmet!