How to Draw a Barracuda

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Drawing fish can be an easy challenge to conquer. Before we begin I would like you to draw some basic drawing tools; a clean sheet of drawing paper, a good sketching pencil preferably a mechanical tool, a white eraser, and maybe a compass if you have   


You will sketch out the shape of the mouth opening in a more detailed and defined manner by making the lining bolder. Next draw the razor sharp pointed teeth, and move to the next step.


This is your third drawing step and what you will mainly be focusing on is sketching out the actual shape of the Barracuda's torpedo shaped body. Once that is done draw the definition for the lower jaw structure, and then sketch in all the fins, and    


Next sketch the lining shape for the gill, and then draw a joining fin as well as the fin lining.


All you have to do for your last drawing step is sketch out the defining line to shape the upper jaw structure which is supposed to look predominate. Lastly, draw a small circular shape for the cudda's eye. Erase all the guidelines that you drew in s   


Now that your done with this finished lesson, you are ready to color in your predatory fish that has been swimming in our ocean for fifty million years. I hope you had fun, and make sure to join me again.

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February 15, 2010

Description: There is an animal that has such an intimidating look that you would really think it was a dinosaur that has not been extinct. That very same animal lives in the sea, and hunts alone. Of course such a creature would make an awesome lesson, so why not make one on "how to draw a Barracuda”. There is a song that comes to mind whenever I hear this fish's name. The band is “Heart”, and the song is “Barracuda”. The cudda is one scary looking fish, and it very well should be if it weighs up to thirty pounds and grows to be six feet long. The body structure of one of these fish is sleek, and long with very smooth scales. Although the Barracuda is much smaller then your average shark, they have nastier temperaments then most sharks in the sea. As for diet, they feed on shrimp, and other fish, and they also choose to do most of the munching in reefs. They are shallow water swimmers but they have also been known to swim in water up to ninety feet deep. There is without a doubt, that Barracuda's have almost the same style living patterns of sharks. They are nocturnal, they are fast and strong, and they are also considered the “tigers of the sea”. Did you know that the Barracuda has to eat constantly just to stay alive and healthy? It's true, like most animals that live in the sea, they too are a cold blooded species. Like all fish, the Barracuda adapts to the temperatures of the waters they swim or live in. No matter how you look at it, these fish are massive, eating machines that have long gnarly looking faces. Their teeth alone are like razors and is the most important part of their existence. I think all you fish lovers will love learning how to draw a Barracuda, especially the one you see before your eyes. I will be back later with some more cool tutorials for you to learn from. Peace out people, and have a happy drawing day!

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