How to Draw a Baby Legendary Monster, Tiny Monsters

Artist: jellybean828 / June 5, 2014

Step 1.

Start by drawing the shape of the head. I dont have any specific name for this shape, so if you come up with one, feel free to tell me in the comments

Step 2.

Now draw some more squiggly lines that will eventually become his muzzle.

Step 3.

Now draw the ears and eyebrows.

Step 4.

Next draw the eyes

Step 5.

Now add some details and if you wish, cover the lines with pen to make it more bold.

Step 6.

Last but not Least, color it! The colors i have chosen are the original ones, but you can color however you want!

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Artist: jellybean828
Date Added: June 5, 2014
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Description: This cute little ball of purple fluff will grow up to be one of 8 strong and elegant wolf-like monsters. By far the rarest of the rares, this monster was the beginning of all other monsters available today. Here, you can learn how to draw him!