How to draw a Baby Fire Monster, Tiny Monsters

Artist: jellybean828 / June 3, 2014

Step 1.

* Sorry ahead of time for the randomly yellowish pics... camera went funky! To start, draw the basic shape of the head.

Step 2.

Next, add the chin and some tufts of fur.

Step 3.

Then add the mouth and some simple guidelines

Step 4.

Now add an eye using the guidelines you drew in the previous step

Step 5.

Now add the second eye and the nose.

Step 6.

Next, add the crest, ears, body and some small details.

Step 7.

Last but not least, Color it! The colors I chose are the original ones, but you can color yours however you like!

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Artist: jellybean828
Date Added: June 3, 2014
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Description: If you are an artist and as addicted to this game as I am, someday, you will put two and two together and draw a Tiny Monster! Or you can use this tutorial to do it today.