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How to color in hair with pencil

Artist: Otaku_chan / October 21, 2013
How to color in hair with pencil

Step 1.

First step, sketch out your character and outline it so you can see all of the lines that separate each strand of hair.

Step 2.

The next step is to choose your color. If you are choosing purple (like me), you will want to choose a color lighter than the color you want it to be. So, in this case it will be a light pink.

Step 3.

Slowly color in your hair with the chosen color. Mine is purple, so I will be coloring with a purple. Shade one side of each strand for effect.

Step 4.

Just keep coloring.

Step 5.

Keep coloring until you have finished coloring all of your hair.

Step 6.

And here is the finished product. :)

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Artist: Otaku_chan
Date Added: October 21, 2013
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Description: Hiya peeps! So, this is my first tut and it is very simple. I didn't wanna make it too complicated and don't hate on this one because I have no clue how to make a tutorial yet. Enjoy!