Stary Night Anime Pose Drawing

1 Facial Circle

First, start with a basic circle.

2 Facial Guidelines

Next, you want to make the inner guidelines for the facial features.

3 Eyes and Nose

Then, start with the hairline. Create a flowy line (like hair). Gradually move downwards creating the eyebrows and basic anime eyes. The guidelines make it a lot easier to create symmetrical facial features.

4 Hair and Chin

In this step, work on closing off the hair formation and creating a chin for your anime chic!

5 Body Guidelines

Moving on to the body, draw the guidelines for her body formation.

6 Clothing and Hair

This is where you will be finishing the hair and beginning to draw on her clothes! Remember, guidelines are you friend.

7 Final Touches

Finally, draw out her hand, finish her clothing design and erase the guidelines when you're done!

8 Anime Girl

Finish it with color of choice and you've got yourself your first Anime Pose!

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September 17, 2022

Description: This is a super cute and simple anime pose tutorial. It's a dynamic pose and one of the most popular poses in anime!

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