Stary Night Anime Pose Drawing

Artist: dantor / September 18, 2022

Step 1. Facial Circle

First, start with a basic circle.

Step 2. Facial Guidelines

Next, you want to make the inner guidelines for the facial features.

Step 3. Eyes and Nose

Then, start with the hairline. Create a flowy line (like hair). Gradually move downwards creating the eyebrows and basic anime eyes. The guidelines make it a lot easier to create symmetrical facial features.

Step 4. Hair and Chin

In this step, work on closing off the hair formation and creating a chin for your anime chic!

Step 5. Body Guidelines

Moving on to the body, draw the guidelines for her body formation.

Step 6. Clothing and Hair

This is where you will be finishing the hair and beginning to draw on her clothes! Remember, guidelines are you friend.

Step 7. Final Touches

Finally, draw out her hand, finish her clothing design and erase the guidelines when you're done!

Step 8. Anime Girl

Finish it with color of choice and you've got yourself your first Anime Pose!

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Artist: dantor
Date Added: September 18, 2022
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Tags: anime drawing figures, lesson on how to draw anime, anime girl tutorial, anime pose drawing
Description: This is a super cute and simple anime pose tutorial. It's a dynamic pose and one of the most popular poses in anime!