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Simple Teen Manga Girl

Artist: ByeHalcyonDays596 / May 20, 2013
Simple Teen Manga Girl

Step 1.

Draw Guidelines

Step 2.

Face Guides

Step 3.

Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Step 4.

Hair and Darken Lines

Step 5.

Basic Eye Shape

Step 6.

Light shading to eyes

Step 7.

Medium shading 3/4 of the eye

Step 8.

Dark shading over top 1/4 of eye, clean up, and finishing touches! Now, you are finished! Don't forget to sign it when you are done!

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Artist: ByeHalcyonDays596
Date Added: May 20, 2013
Steps: 8
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Description: A simple Manga Girl. Draw with HB2 Pencil.