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Simple Anime Girl Tutorial

Artist: zippozap / February 17, 2013
Simple Anime Girl Tutorial

Step 1.

Draw a circle with a line in it

Step 2.

Begin to draw the chin, the base line for the neck, and the shoulder cirles..

Step 3.

Draw the body base of 2 triangles, and the arm lines

Step 4.

Draw around the lines to form 2 arms *sorry idk why but i deleted the arm lines while drawing :I*

Step 5.

Draw the eyes, mouth, eyebrows and nose~

Step 6.

Start off with the hair, I chose braids, Tip: drawing braids like I do is like drawing hearts~ can you see that in the picture?

Step 7.

Add clothes and accessories for the final step, ink/lineart it then if you want COLOUR o u o Hope you enjoyed

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Artist: zippozap
Date Added: February 17, 2013
Steps: 7
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Description: I Wanted to show you all my way of drawing a simple anime girl, enjoy!