Sad Manga Eyes

Artist: GreenKirby / January 21, 2013

Step 1.

First draw the upper and bottom part of the eye. Then add the oval.

Step 2.

Next add some big shines. Also add some tears at the bottom of the eyes. You are going to need to erase some part of the oval at the bottom.

Step 3.

Next add some eyelashes at both ends. Then add the Iris. (I added another shine)

Step 4.

Next shade in the eye. If you want colored eyes, use color on this part. Darker on top and lighter on the bottom. Sorry about the camera shadow.

Step 5.

Next add the eyebrow and a little piece of scrunched up skin.

Step 6.

Next add some blush lines (at least I think they're blush lines) er whatever those lines are. Also add a nose.

Step 7.

This is how it would look if you added the other eye. Sorry my other eye isn't so perfect. Thanx for watching. :)

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Artist: GreenKirby
Date Added: January 21, 2013
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Description: Hi!!! This is my first tut!!! Showing you how to draw sad manga eyes!! Enjoy!!!