Rock climber

Artist: AlaskaMirari13 / December 14, 2019
Rock climber

Step 1.

First draw the ouline of the rock, clips, and the climber.

Step 2.

Flesh out the character based on the skeleton drawn in the first step.

Step 3.

erase original skeleton and add in the basic shapes of her harness and clothes. Draw in a rectangle with rounded edges for a chalk bag.

Step 4.

Add detail to the climber's face, muscles and chalk bag.

Step 5.

Draw a line for her rope through the clips and off the page.

Step 6.

Add in basic shading with pencil.

Step 7.

fill in more shading with charcol on the rock and the climber

Step 8.

Refine shading. use ink to draw attention to the climber and climbing gear.

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Twilight_moon · 5 months ago
Ooooooooo! Nice! :yay: :boogie: :3 ;)
Artist: AlaskaMirari13
Date Added: December 14, 2019
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Description: Learn how to draw a girl lead climbing.