how to make a positive and negative bug


this is the easist of all steps, make popcorn circles all on the paper, be sure not to do make any too close to the edge because you need to draw the ladybugs arms, legs, head and antenas. be sure not to make the bug to big or the picture will loose    


now you will draw the lines for the ladybugs closed wings. try to make them as streight as possible. if u make them horizontial the bug will eather be facing left or right, if u darw it virtical then it will eather be facing up or down. try to do a l   


this is step three, it looks like alot but its not, its just antenas, legs, arms an the head. try to use a ruler fot the lega to make it streight, this will make the image look neater when it is complete. remember to make the legs and head accordling   


now we will do the spots, just make circles, you can make half circles and or full circles, it dosn't matter how many the bug has. just be creative!


now pick a shape, any shape you want! a square, triangle, circle. i picked a triangle fot this tut but feel free to do something else!


now that you have chosen your shape you will put it on your bug, you must make sure that a part of every bug is in your shape, and every shape has a part of TWO DIFFERENT bugs in it. also very important, two shapes must never touch. ever.


now, this is where it starts to get difficult. color the spots to the ladybug in very neatly! none of the color must get into the triangle. color in the antenas to. but not if it is in the triangle! if its half way in the triangle only color the half   


ok this is the last step, ok now remember this must all be done in black and white!! now this can get tricky so try to stay with me if you can. now INSIDE the triangles you will color the oppisite of what you colored in inside the triangles, so you w   

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January 20, 2011

Description: this is called positive and negative art. i did a ladybug because it is the easist for me to do! as i get better at this i will try to do more advanced bugs like a dragonfly or spider. im going to try to explain this is the easist way possible, although it is kinda difficult at some points in the process so please just bare with me as i try to explain this is the most simplist way possible. oh and good luck!

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