How to draws Primarina from Pokemon

Artist: laborden / January 21, 2017

Step 1.

First draw the front of the face and the nose.

Step 2.

Next you. Want to draw in the eye,mouth, and the star on it's head.

Step 3.

Add her neck and the ruffles around it. Also add the pearls and ruffles on her head.

Step 4.

Add her hair, and make sure to add the pearls that tie up her hair

Step 5.

Add arms, and torso.

Step 6.

Add the tail on.

Step 7.

Add the four spikes onto the tail.

Step 8.

Add the pupil on it' s eye.

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Artist: laborden
Date Added: January 21, 2017
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Tags: pokemon, video games
Description: A fun easy way to draw the sun and moon starter evolution.