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How to Draw Zooli

Artist: Dawn / June 5, 2020
How to Draw Zooli

Step 1.

Again, make a circle for the head and then the guidelines for the face and limbs.

Step 2.

You will then draw out the shape of Zooli's face and then draw in the outline of her ears as well as the hair that frames the face.

Step 3.

Finish her pretty hairstyle which has a nice wave to the lining and as you can see Zooli wears her hair in a bun.

Step 4.

Using the facial guidelines you will draw out the shapes of her big eyes and add some pretty lashes too.

Step 5.

Finish the eyes, then draw the nose, eyebrows and mouth. Don't forget to detail inside the mouth and in the ears.

Step 6.

Next, draw in her neck and arms as well as her hands with one waving "hello" and the other along the side of her body.

Step 7.

Lastly, create the design on her fin which is a nice swirl and then you can clean up the drawing.

Step 8.

That's it, Zooli from Bubble Guppies is all done. Now just add some color.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 5, 2020
Steps: 8
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Tags: how to draw bubble guppies characters, how to draw bubble guppies
Description: Yup, you're seeing right. This character from Bubble Guppies is probably not seen too often and that is because she is sort of a new character to the guppy crew. Here is how to draw Zooli, step by step. Her name suits her because not only is Zooli smart, she is also a bigtime animal expert, hence the name Zooli. She has purple hair and a great big friendly personality. I think you will enjoy drawing Zooli so go ahead and get busy with this lesson as I prepare the next one to come.