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How To Draw Yuichiro Hyakuya

Artist: MissyThePony / April 19, 2016
How To Draw Yuichiro Hyakuya

Step 1.

Draw a... Circle.......

Step 2.

Draw an eye, we're travelling to eye land now on Yuichiro's body. And The Chin. And The Eyebrow.

Step 3.

We're going to make the iris in eye land. Make the hair and then put a curve like on... His forehead.. Put a nose and mouth after. C:

Step 4.

Make another eye. Then we'll start the hair.

Step 5.

Make the hat.

Step 6.

Make more hair. And more hair. And more hair.

Step 7.

Put more hair, then we will start the clothing part stuff. Starts on the neck.

Step 8.

Make Clothes .-.

Step 9.

Make mooree clothes.

Step 10.

The details. .-.

Step 11.

Erase sum lines n stuff. You're done, okay? ;3

Comments (5)
melanie10234 · 6 years ago
Taito · 6 years ago
Cool tutaorials. I am watching this anime so I will know now how to draw him ;p ;p :hai:
SpiderGirl13 · 6 years ago
Never even heard of this anime. But this tutorial is very well done. Bravo! =D :rock:
MissyThePony · 6 years ago
thanks. :bow:
SpiderGirl13 · 6 years ago
Artist: MissyThePony
Date Added: April 19, 2016
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Tags: how to draw owari no seraph characters
Description: Hi Guys! Today I Will Teach You How To Draw Yuu. Owari No Seraph Is One Of My Favorite Animes And Right Now He Is In The Moon Demon Company? I Don't Know. So Yeah, Thanks.