How To Draw Yogi

How To Draw Yogi
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In this step what you will be doing like always, is drawing out the simple looking guidelines. These lines will hep you draw yogi the bear a whole lot easier. Starting at the head, draw an oblong shape for the head, two misshapen oval circles for the   


Now, here is where you will sketch and draw in his face. Starting right under the two eyes draw an acorn shaped circle for the nose, then from the corners of the nose sketch out the outer face separation lines that stop at his neck. After you do that   


Finish off the sketch in this step by drawing his very sophisticated tie and collar even though he doesn't wear a shirt give him his collar anyway. Next draw his hat that resembles a stretched out triangle and right on the left and right side sketch    


Here is what your finished Yogi the Bear should look like after you have erased all the sketching marks and guidelines. All that is left to do is color him in. See, now wasn't that easy as pie? I will see you again soon, and good job.

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February 11, 2008

Hey there, Boo Boo how about you and me going threw this pic-a-nic basket! Yogi Bear was ultimately one of my favorite cartoon characters that I looked forward to watching when I was a kid. I remember him being such an off the wall kinda bear, Yogi and his buddy Boo Boo were always in pursuit for stealing picnic baskets from campers in the park. The series was called Yogi Bear and it began its debut on January 30th of 1961 and ended December 30th 1961. The series aired a total of 35 shows at 30 minutes a piece. Yogi the Bear also aired several spin off shows starting from 1973 all the way until 1991. In 1999, two Yogi Cartoons “A day in the life of Ranger Smith, and Boo Boo runs wild” was created by the Spumco Company owned by John Kricfalusi. Both of the shows aired on Cartoon Network after being edited for television broadcast because of violence between Yogi and Ranger Smith. In order for the shorts to air they had to be labeled for mature audiences only. The one thing I loved most about Yogi was his personality, he was sometimes a grouch, but then he could also be a loving caring bear. His girlfriend in the series was Cindy Bear, but she would only make appearances once in a while, and she never approved of her beloved Yogis behavior. His buddy was Boo Boo who often tried to keep his pal in line, but was too on occasion a naughty bear. Yogi always had to deal with Park Ranger Smith who over looked Jellystone Park which was also Yogis place of residence. In 1969 Yogi Bear lent out his name to vehicle and campground chains such as “Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts” that first opened in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. In Hartsville, South Carolina there is a fast food chain that uses his name as well called “Yogi Bear’s Honey Fried Chicken”. In this fun to draw tutorial you will be learning how to draw Yogi the Bear with only 4 steps. I labeled the tutorial as novice because that is how simple it is to draw. I know you will have fun with him, and Yogi is even a great cartoon character that kids can earn how to draw from. Ciao

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