How To Draw Wavy Hair


First of all, of course, you need somewhere to draw the hair. Make a normal anime head as you would with any other anime drawing. It's a circle with two lines for the cheeks and another two curved lines for the chin. And don't forget to draw the guid   


Start by making a slightly wavy part down the center of the head on the red line. From the line, make two upside-down V shapes for the start of the hair. On both sides, draw wavy lines, as shown, to make the first two pieces of hair.


Finish the hair by basically making a bunch of connecting wavy lines. When you finish the hair on the top of the head, connect it to the hair on the sides by a slightly wavy line. Make sure the top is not straight- it will stand out when you are fini   


This step in all about detail. Add a few wavy or straight lines sparingly across the entire length of the hair. Add them on the waves the fall themselves to make them look more realistic. We're almost done!


Now that you're almost don,e erase the guidelines and then add the light/shadow lines on the crown of the head. For these lines, use quick and sharp strokes to make them zig-zag. Add some of the light lines on the left side as well- but place these o   


Now you can color the hair any color you would like. Remember that the light lines must be a shade or two lighter than the hair itself, though. I chose to use blonde for this specific tutorial so you can see the difference that the small details make   

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June 27, 2009

Description: My second tutorial of the day will be on anime hair again. This time, we're going to tone it down from the spikes and mullet stuff and do a nice and calm hairdo. To be honest, wavy hair is not that popular as far as I've seen. It's either curly or pin straight. One of the more popular wavy-haired anime characters is Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon. If anybody remembers that show, her hair was in loose waves instead of this tight waves that I will be showing you how to draw. So, let's get to it! Have fun and enjoy!

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