How To Draw A Medieval Scythe


Draw a pair of parallel lines and attach them at one end with a curved line. Then draw a small circle towards the bottom and another one towards the top.


Draw a cylinder shape around the lines in the middle. At the top of the parallel lines, draw a small square, but make the top curved in a bit. On top of the square, draw another two parallel lines and attach them at the top as well with another curve   


Draw in the scythe blade. It curves downwards just a bit and should look fairly pointy. On the cylinder shape you drew earlier, draw a few curved lines in pairs to make it look like string. (This is shown in red.)


Now we get into details. Erase the stick guideline inside of the cylinder and draw criss-cross lines (Seen in red) throughout the rest of the area inside. At the bottom of the cylinder, draw two curved rope lines that hang towards the ground. At the    


On the blade itself, draw lines as if you were making a smaller blade inside of that one. And on the opposite side, where the curved rectangle is, draw two curved lines on each side to match. On the ribbon that you drew in the top circle earlier, dra   


Now all you have to do is draw tiny mixed lines on the stick itself to make it look like real wood when you color it in. Then you're done! After this, all that matters is your color preference. Thanks for trying out this tutorial! I hope you enjoyed    

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July 11, 2009

Description: I was playing "Soul Caliber Legends" on my Wii yesterday, and it might be the whole concept of fighting and violence in the game, but I was inspired to create my own weapon. The scythe has been around forever but is mostly associated with the Grim Reaper. What a scythe really is used for has nothing to do with death or darkness or anything of the kind. Scythes were actually used in early civilizations and medieval times to cut and harvest grown crops such as wheat and grain. Because of the sharp blade and its curved shape, it made an ideal tool for timely farming. The fact that it is menacing-looking, however, is probably why the world looks at it as an instrument of death foremost. But, nevertheless, it's a timeless piece of weaponry that I will be teaching you how to draw today. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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