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How to draw the professor from Pink Floyd the Wall

Artist: terraturtle / July 26, 2012
How to draw the professor from Pink Floyd the Wall

Step 1.

Draw a circle and a half as the start to his face.

Step 2.

Sketch in the guidelines for one of his eyes and his mouth.

Step 3.

Draw his two spectacles, with one appearing to be "popping" off his face.

Step 4.

Sketch some wrinkles moving outward from his eye, and draw on his mouth.

Step 5.

Sketch more wrinkles around his mouth. Draw two patches of hair that appear to be "blowing" in the wind.

Step 6.

Draw a patch of scale like features from his mouth to his eyes.

Step 7.

Draw his neck and his collar.

Step 8.

Draw a teardrop shape for the guidelines of his body.

Step 9.

sketch on his lapel.

Step 10.

Sketch the guidelines for his arm.

Step 11.

Finish drawing on his arm and give him a whip. Make sure to have fun with the hands, don't try to make them perfect, make them really creepy if you want :)

Step 12.

Sketch on his legs, make him sit in a fetal position, legs curled up.

Step 13.

Draw pointy shoes and a pocket with two pens in it, and two circles; one inside the other.

Step 14.

Time to start shading. Highlight the outside of his suit, and make creases along the way. Make sure his lapel is lighter than the rest of his suit.

Step 15.

Continue to work your way in, getting lighter as you go along.

Step 16.

Begin to shade the face, highlight his wrinkles and mouth. The hair is left as it is.

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Artist: terraturtle
Date Added: July 26, 2012
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Description: Sketching the Professor from the movie, Pink Floyd The Wall.