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How to Draw The Avengers Logo

Artist: lokis_future_queen / October 6, 2012
How to Draw The Avengers Logo

Step 1.

First, draw a diagonal line. (I recommend using a ruler).

Step 2.

Draw another line on the bottom, and connect that to another diagonal line parallel to the first one you made, and make it go almost halfway up.

Step 3.

Draw two short lines, one connected to the last one you made, and another one above it. These will be for the arrow.

Step 4.

Draw the ends of the arrow, and continue to draw the line parallel to the very first one you made. Do not go all the way up.

Step 5.

At the top of the very first line you made, make a line that goes out until it reaches the end of the arrow, and make another one going down until it is almost touching the arrow. Then, continue drawing the line connected to the arrow and draw it unt   

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Artist: lokis_future_queen
Date Added: October 6, 2012
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Description: Here is an easy and fun tutorial for all of you Avengers fans out there (like me). Have fun and be sure to comment! (This is my first tut)!!! :)