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How to Draw Terraria - Eye Of Cthulhu

Artist: GamingWithNinjas / December 31, 2013
How to Draw Terraria - Eye Of Cthulhu

Step 1.

Draw the base of the eye ( a circle sherlock ) and the part where the pupil will go.

Step 2.

Now to draw the layers in the eye around the pupil and add part of the retinas.

Step 3.

Now we really need to crack down on the retinas. Make sure to be careful on the shape and size.

Step 4.

Color and enjoy.

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Artist: GamingWithNinjas
Date Added: December 31, 2013
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Tags: how to draw eyeballs, how to draw terraria characters, how to draw terraria
Description: Hey guy's! Welcome to my Eye Of Cthulhu tutorial! This character is a well known boss in Terraria. I hope you guys enjoy and more Terraria tutorials coming soon.