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How to Draw Temple Run Logo, Temple Run

Artist: NeonFire / April 7, 2012
How to Draw Temple Run Logo, Temple Run

Step 1.

First lets draw the guidelines. draw a square with rounded corners first, then move on to the plus-sign lines, and last those other two lines, which we'll be calling the lower lines.

Step 2.

Draw four lines, only curving after you cross the horizontal line. Make sure to use your lower lines to help.

Step 3.

Now let's use the curved lines we just drew as arms and then define the fingers. After that's done, draw a line that's parallel to the curved-cornered square from step one.

Step 4.

Okay, I know that this may look wierd. (But don't worry, it get's wierder :P) What we're drawing above the horizontal line is the nose, and below, the mouth. Of course, this is only the first stage, they'll start to take shape in a moment.

Step 5.

We'll continue to draw the lips, and just draw two more circles in.

Step 6.

Okay, after I did this, I thought, "Am I drawing the Temple Run logo or a Squirrel?" lol. Well, just keep chuggin along and it'll begin to look a little less squirrely. :)

Step 7.

Oh, gosh! Now it looks like a raccoon! lol I think this step is pretty simple, just draw in his (or her?) nostrils, two more teeth, and another ring around the eyes.

Step 8.

Finish up the teeth...

Step 9.

Now just draw the last ring around its eyes and color in the mouth.

Step 10.

Once most of the guidelines are erased, just color! I was going to walk you through coloring it, but as I said in the artist comments, I failed. Sorry! Anyways, your lineart turned out great. Thank you for drawin!

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Artist: NeonFire
Date Added: April 7, 2012
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Description: I didn't draw the preview. I tried, but the gradients and highlights were so intricate thaat I epically failed. Nevertheless, I was determined to get this up on drago because I figured that it would be helpful to people. If you like (or hate, i really don't care) it, please comment, like, favorite, and post the results! I always take requests, so fire away! I didn't know what category to put this is, video games or symbols, so i just went with symbols.