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How to Draw Sword Kirby

Artist: DoggyBag5 / May 30, 2009
How to Draw Sword Kirby

Step 1.

1st draw a circle with two lines about 1 cm apart the 1st line should be longer than the 2nd line.

Step 2.

Now you are going to draw the arms and the sword (mine looks deformed)

Step 3.

Now Finish the sword and draw the face (please don't be as bad as mine if that's possible lol )

Step 4.

Now we will be doing the hat . (mines looking horrible)

Step 5.

Now time to colour. I know Mine looks awful ¬.¬

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Artist: DoggyBag5
Date Added: May 30, 2009
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Description: How to Draw Sword Kirby My 1st Tutorial