How to Draw Spawn

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Start this first step by drawing out the shapes and guidelines to form a frame for Spawn as you see here. Start by drawing a small circle for the head and then add facial guidelines. You will then draw out the shape of squared torso and from that add   


In this step you will start sketching out the shapes of Spawns cape which is tattered and torn looking. Once you have done that you can draw out the spiked collar that surrounds his face. Add the eyes and then start adding the detailing of his right    


Now you will start adding the wrinkle layer detailing and then the definition on his cape and collar. Once that is done draw out the shape of his right leg and foot as well as his hand and beginning lines for his chains.


You have made it to step four and now what you will do is continue sketching out the detailing definition on his cape to make it look more real and loose. Add the markings on around his eyes on his face mask and then add the shape of his thigh wrap.


This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is draw out all the chains that are linked together around his arm and down his leg. Once you do that you can add the wrap that is around his ankle and add the spikes. Before you start erasing a   


Once you are finished your drawing sketch should look like what you see here. All you have to do now is color him in and you are done. I hope you liked this lesson on how to draw Spawn step by step.

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December 25, 2008

Description: Well this is my last tutorial for the day and I will be showing you how to draw Spawn step by step with this online lesson. This character was actually requested by a member a while and like I said I always fulfill a request. I had a lot of fun drawing out the Spawn character because he was one of my favorites back when I was ten years old when I seen the movie. I thought it was so cool but there was one character that really annoyed me to now end, the clown. I don’t know whether or not he annoyed me because John Leguizamo was playing is character or because he was just way too grotesque looking. Honestly I think it was a combination of both. It all starts when a man named Al Simmons who is a highly trained assassin working for the C.I.A. Now because he began questioning how the bureau was handling their actions, he was then seen as a threat and killed. But that’s not it, after his death he was sent to hell because of all the killing he did to innocent victims which he didn’t know about. He was sent back to earth as a reborn Hellspawn a lieutenant in Hell's army and he must do as Malebolgia says if he wants to see his wife one last time. He dies as Al Simmons and returns as Spawn. At first he sets off on a few adventures as somewhat of a hero and takes down the scum that walks the streets. The comic is unfamiliar to me but I am familiar with the movie. This sketch took me two days to complete and at first I had some trouble with the body position. After some persistent work I finally got it to look the way I wanted. This tutorial will show you in detail how to draw Spawn step by step. This is a really cool looking character from the Spawn comics, and if you take your time when following the steps, your Spawn cartoon character should come out looking great as well.

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