How to Draw Sharingan

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Get out your drawing pad, pencil, and eraser. Depending on how big you want the symbol to be, draw a circle for the first step and add a target sign in the middle.


Next draw another circle in the middle of the main shape but this time be sure it is not as bold. Inside draw, and color in a perfect dot.


On the inner circle draw three more dots but this time add wispy tails. They should look almost like comment clouds. Color them in and erase the plus line in the middle.


That's it you're done. How was that everyone? Fun and easy right. Maybe I will submit another tutorial on how to draw Sharingan eyes in the future, who knows.

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February 17, 2010

Description: The Sharingan is a circular shaped wheel that is seen with all the members of the Uchiha Clan. There is literally so many different objects that is associated with the Naruto anime series and manga. As I said in previous tutorials, my goal is to try and draw as many Naruto characters, beings, and objects as possible to fill up the dedicated category. The Sharingan that I drew is the fully matured three tomoe version which basically looks like a bulls eye with a total of four dots. The outer dots have wispy tips that all flow in the same direction. Unlike the Byakugan, it is not activated in each user with birth, instead it first gets unlocked when a stressful, or emotional event happens which will then trigger the Sharingan. The first power that this ability will enable is ones chakra flow. The second power is the ability to obtain overwhelming clarity of perception. The third ability grants the user ability to memorize techniques. And the forth and final power is giving the user the ability to hypnotize with just a stare from the users eyes, hence a fully matured three tomoe Sharingan. This is why we sometimes will want to draw Sharingan eyes which is commonly seen with Itachi. The outer lining around the objects shape is a thick bold black line, and the inner circle is a very light translucent line. No matter how you "draw Sharingan", there is only one way to do it right. Follow the steps in this tutorial so you can learn the easy way. I think that will do it for Naruto related lessons for today. I will be back later and I will be sure to bring more lessons along with me. Have fun, and try not to hypnotize anyone. Adios!

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