How to Draw Sasori

Artist: Dawn / November 23, 2009

Step 1.

Let's start drawing Sasori. Start with a circle shape for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the body's lines of position like you see here which will also provide a workable frame for drawing this Naruto character.

Step 2.

First sketch out the shape of Sasori's face and then sketch out his short hair style. Once that is done add some definition and detail to his hair.

Step 3.

Before you start sketching out his face, you will start drawing the shape of his cloak that all Akatsuki wear. Start with the collar and then work your way down while you draw the shoulder, sleeves, and than his hands. Next draw two of the cloud like   

Step 4.

Finish drawing the shape of his cloak as you see here, and then draw in two more of the cloud shapes that is on the right and left of his cloak. See how your Sasori character is coming along, good job!

Step 5.

Now you can sketch out his eyes as well as color in his pupils. When that is done you can draw the nose and mouth and then add some detailing to the collar. Draw out the shapes of his legs and then his shoes, feet, and toes. Start erasing all the gui   

Step 6.

You have officially completed this tutorial on "how to draw Sasori from Naruto step by step". All you need to do now is color him in. Great job, and keep up the fantastic work!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 23, 2009
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Description: Well another Naruto character is on the way and this time he is in his regular form. I submitted a tutorial on chibi Sasori a while back and since then, I have received requests to do a drawing on what Sasori looks like in his regular form. So without anymore hesitation or ado, I will now teach you "how to draw Sasori". I wrote out a whole description on Sasori when I uploaded the chibi version on this Naruto character. Before I let you get to the tutorial aspect of this submission, I think we should do a quick recap on his character. First off I'm sure you guys know that Sasori's parents were killed back when he was a youngster by Sakumo Hatake. I can also remember telling you guys before, that it was his grandmother who raised Sasori, and if it wasn't for her he would truly be a lost soul. His grandmother Chiyo made Sasori a couple of puppets to keep his spirits high, and at first he loved them. But as time passed the mental emotion and caring he desired from his parents started to really cause a whole in his heart. That is when he reconstructed himself into a human puppet. Later in the series he started to be referred to as "Sasori of the Red Sand". His affiliation lies with Akatsuki, and at one point his partner was Deidara. The lesson came out looking just like him sad faced and all. I always enjoy drawing Naruto characters because they are good fun, and because I am also a Naruto fan too. Learning "how to draw Sasori, step by step", should be a simple task. I provided easy to follow steps and simple to read instructions. When you are done you can add this Naruto character to your collection. There is still more to come, and later on I have a special treat, a vehicle that is a blast from the past. Peace out guys and happy drawing!