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How To Draw Sans The Skeleton

Artist: Dada5826 / May 13, 2016
How To Draw Sans The Skeleton

Step 1.

First, sketch a circle.

Step 2.

Add his chin

Step 3.

Sketch lines for the face and then draw his eyes and don't forget the white peuples.

Step 4.

Add the mouth and nose

Step 5.

We will start with the clothes, add his hoodie.

Step 6.

Then we will have to do his tshirt

Step 7.

Continuing the hoodie...

Step 8.

Now for the arms. And the hands should be in his pocket

Step 9.

We do his shorts with a white stripe

Step 10.

FINALLY!!!! For the legs :3 And slippers:D

Step 11.


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Artist: Dada5826
Date Added: May 13, 2016
Steps: 11
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Tags: how to draw sans sans undertale
Description: Today I'll be showing you how to draw sans from Undertale.