How to Draw Sans from Undertale

Artist: LeUndertaleFangirl / November 8, 2015
How to Draw Sans from Undertale

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines. You do not have to do this if you do not want to, but it will make it easier to draw.

Step 2.

Draw the head shape.

Step 3.

Draw the nose in the shape of a triangle in the middle FIRST. You can think of it as a guideline that is ESSENTIAL not to erase.

Step 4.

Draw the eyes. Make one eye closed with roundness on the inside and sharp and pointy on the end, (you do not have to draw him winking), then draw the other eye in a fat bean like shape with a pupil on the inside.

Step 5.

Color in the outside of the eye, then add the smile with lines in the smile.

Step 6.

Color in the 2 last teeth, then add the neck while adding lines in the neck.

Step 7.

Draw the body around 2 of the guidelines.

Step 8.

Add the lines of his jacket, then draw the and the rib cage and the undershirt.

Step 9.

Color in the non-connected parts of the rib-cage, than add the arm, then remove the line in between the arm and the jacket, while adding part of the other arm.

Step 10.

Add the elbow and another part of the arm.

Step 11.

Connect the arm with the elbow, then add the shorts.

Step 12.

Draw the legs in a round bean-like shape, then draw the hand.

Step 13.

Remove the guidelines.

Step 14.

Add extra details.

Step 15.

Remove unnecessary lines, and add other necessary lines. (I was dumb enough to forget the details on his shorts and hand, lol!)

Step 16.

You are now finished! You may now leave the picture as it is, or color and add shading!

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Ghoul890 · 3 years ago
What is this XD :rolling: since when did Sans grow 20 feet -_-
MsMasky · 4 years ago
Looks great!
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Description: NOTE: This is my first tutorial ever, so please do not be harsh. =) Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Are you a fan of undertale? Is sans a bit too hard to draw for you? Well, fear not, my friends! I will teach you how to draw Sans!