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How to Draw Sachiko from Corpse Party

Artist: Dawn / February 5, 2017
How to Draw Sachiko from Corpse Party

Step 1.

In the first step you will draw the guides for the head, face and shoulders.

Step 2.

Use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of Sachiko's eyes. The tops and ends should be bold, thick and dark.

Step 3.

We will now finish the face and when we do this you will also need to draw out her expression. Add the eyebrows, eyeballs, nose and mouth.

Step 4.

Draw in her bangs. Notice how they are long, shaggy and on her face. Before leaving this step you will need to draw the shapes of her ears as well.

Step 5.

Sketch out the shape of Sachiko's face. Draw in her neck and some of the shoulders. Add detailing inside the ears as well.

Step 6.

Draw the shape of her head which is also the rest of her hairstyle. Sachiko has long straight hair.

Step 7.

Add the root or hair indent line which forms a lopsided part. Finish the body by adding the shoulders and shirt line. Don't forget to draw the indent for her collar bone area. Erase your mistakes and guides.

Step 8.

Here is the line art folks. Now you can color Sachiko in from Corpse Party.

Comments (3)
Yuki44 · 4 years ago
:jawdrop: :jawdrop: It's so hard to draw :wow: :wow:
Dawn · 4 years ago
Yes, it can seem that way. Just be patient and keep doing it over and over again until it gets easier. Believe me, it does get easier.
MeraAtlantis · 5 years ago
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 5, 2017
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Tags: how to draw corpse party characters, how to draw corpse party
Description: So today I will start the day with a lesson on a character from a very interesting anime series called 'Corpse Party'. She is one of the ghosts from the series and behind her existence is a sad, depressing story that explains how she became a ghost. I will try to tell the tale in a simple but swift manner, here it goes; Sachiko was a student who went to Heavenly Host Elementary School back in the fifties. When she was seven years old she witnessed the most horrible crime that a small child could ever think of. This poor girl walked in on her mother being battered because she was putting up a fight when someone was trying to rape her. Sachiko saw her mother get pushed down the stairs as she plummeted to her death. In this tutorial, we will learn "how to draw Sachio from Corpse Party", step by step. I loved the fun, and because someone requested this lesson, I will now try and follow up the on show. Thanks all for joining me, I will be back soon with other lessons for you all.