How to draw Romeo and Juliet from RomeoXJuliet

Artist: SilentNeko / January 5, 2013
How to draw Romeo and Juliet from RomeoXJuliet

Step 1.

First draw out there hair and face. Juliet will have her hair continued but for now only focus on the faces and ther hair.

Step 2.

Add there eyes and eye brows. There eyes are easy enough with them being closed and there eyebrows simple. Don't forget the additional detail that is in the middle of the eye brow and the eye

Step 3.

now comes the rest of Juliet's hair. With Romeo kissing her he had one hand that is wrapped up in her hair, even though we do not se much of his hand there is still the little detail that shows us its there.

Step 4.

This picture has a bunch of dark shadows that are mainly on Romeo and not Juliet. Start with the darker shading at the front of Romeo's hair also include the few dark areas in Juliet's hair as well and lightly sketch out the area where the shadows ar   

Step 5.

Finish with shading in the darker shadows or Romeo's hair and shade in the shadows around there eyes and for Romeo along his ear and cheek

Step 6.

Now add the dark shadows onto Romeo's clothing. make sure that you do not mark threw the areas of his clothing that stay white

Step 7.

Now add on the lighter shadows on Romeo's clothing and shade in the rest of his hair.

Step 8.

Finish the picture with shading Juliet's hair. After you finish with shading in her hair you are done

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Description: Romeo and Juliet is one of the most well known works of William Shakespere. Illastrated by Com Romeo X Juliet is the anime remake of Shakespere's masterpeices.