How to Draw Peter Rabbit

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Okay lets start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Peter Rabbit. Start with the shape of the head which s an odd shaped egg with facial guidelines drawn in. Now draw out the guidelines for long bunny ears. Now you can draw t   


In this step I we will sketch out the lines for Peter's shirt and the face and ears. Rabbits have slanted and narrow bug like eyes. So when you draw this rabbit make sure you make the rabbit eyes. Also flesh out the lines for those ears. A useful tip   


This is the last and final step for drawing the famous Peter Rabbit. Add some nice and delicate whiskers on the sides of his face. Make sure you have a good amount of them. Be sure to make the whiskers really long so it looks less like a cat's whiske   


Well that's all you need to know for drawing peter rabbit. It took me a while to make him nice and easy for you to draw. I love these series. They give me a warm feeling inside. I used to watch the shows when I was little. I loved the part when he ge   

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July 9, 2008

Description: Hello children and adults alike and welcome to today’s tutorial here at I’m sure you all know who I am by now, my artist name is Dragon_King. Today this tutorial will be a little different. I thought I would do a drawing on a childhood book character that I enjoyed reading as a kid. So today I will be showing you how to draw Peter Rabbit. Now I know almost everyone here either read or heard of this curious little bunny before. He is a creation of a writer whose name is recognized around the world, Beatrix Potter. Mrs. Potter grew up in Victorian England. As a child she was exposed to privileges that most children only dreamed of. She was taught how to play the piano, and educated in art. Beatrix was always an odd child right from the start. She was known as a weird and unusual child that had a very active imagination. One of her most prized creations was in fact her little spunky, mischievous friend Peter Rabbit. He was a unique creation and she was a unique creator. As she grew older her mind went ballistic. She found herself writing and drawing like never before. Beatrix Potter was often heard speaking to her drawings of Peter Rabbit. One day she decided to create a children’s book on the little white bunny with the blue vest. Peter made his first debut back in 1901 in The tale of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix created all her animal characters from life, every single one to the last duck and chicken. Peter Rabbit was a very important character to me when growing up. The one thing I loved was the simplicity of the stories and the characters. They were all drawn in a very clean and colorful way. All the animals that came from her imagination were colored with water colors and drawn out by pencil. In this tutorial I will show you a very easy way to draw Peter Rabbit step by step. The detailed instructions will show you how simple and entertaining drawing Peter can be. I hope you love this tutorial the same as I do. I will see you all in a bit with some more fun filled drawing tutorials.

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