How to Draw Palm Trees


This is a quick drawing of three different types of palm leaves from three different palm tress.


This is a drawing of two different types of palm tress, and as you can see the tree to the left is taller and slender then the shorter, thicker palm tree to the right. The leaves are also wider than the leaves of the palm to the left.


When drawing the leaves and palm fruit, you should draw them in bunches. The bottom of the palm leaves should also be drawn in close and tight fitting.


This is a brief drawing of how the palm leaves should look up close. As you can see the edges are dipped or slit, and then detailing the leaf should have some ribs like number one shows you to the right.


Now lets start the actual tutorial. Start by drawing two circle shape for the center of each palm tree. Next, draw in the guidelines for the trunks, and leaves like you see here.


Now you will start drawing out the palm trunks like you see here and notice how each tree flares out at the ends and tappers off at the tops. When the stalks of the tree is done you can then draw in the coconuts if you like.


Now it's time to draw out the fat fan leaves of the palm tree for only one of the palms. Be sure to draw in the edging of the leaves with slits and cuts like you see it, and then add some detailing in the middle of the leaves which is called the rib    


Now all you have to do is draw out the other leaves on the palm tree behind the larger tree. Again, draw in the slits.


For the last drawing step, all you need to do is draw in the horizontal lines that flow up and down the trunks. Next, draw in some spurts of grass, and then erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Here it is when you are all done. Enjoy.

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February 28, 2011

Description: I have another plant/tree lesson coming your way and this time I am going to be showing you how to draw palm tress, step by step. The palm tree is a common tree that can be seen all over the place in states like Florida, California, Arizona, and even Texas, and Nevada. Palm trees are used to created beautiful landscapes that can sometimes be breathe taking to folks that have never seen these trees before. One of the confusing things to me that I never realized until now, is what types of fruit (if any) are produced by the palm tree. After reading some information on this tropical tree, I learned that there are many types of palms, but the two most popular fruit producing trees is the coconut palm, and the date palm. As you know the coconut palm produces coconuts, and the date palm produces dates. What some people don't know about the coconut is that the actual nut is used in making oil and margarine. The white part of the coconut that we eat called the “meat” is eaten freshly cracked, cooked, and even dehydrated. There is other things that the coconut can be used for like juice, milk, you can make bowls from the shell or nut, and you can even eat the coconut bloom. As far as dates go, well you eat eat those right from the tree as well. You can even dehydrate the date, and even gut out the seed so it can be stuffed with a delicious treat. No matter how you look at it, the palm tree not only makes a scenery look gorgeous or dreamy, they produce food that you can eat as well. I hope you like this lesson on how to draw palm trees, step by step. I think you will find this tutorial easy to follow and replicate. I guess that does it for this lesson, meet back here in a bit with more drawing fun. Peace people and enjoy your drawing day!

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