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How to Draw Octavia and Vinyl Scratch

Artist: GriffinSketches / April 20, 2015
How to Draw Octavia and Vinyl Scratch

Step 1.

Start by drawing 2 circles for their heads. I used a compass in the underlying pencil-and-paper sketch you see beneath the tutorial lines, but don't worry. The circles don't have to be perfect.

Step 2.

Add Octavia's ear. :3

Step 3.

Add her body. Don't get too detailed, k?

Step 4.

Add her rear leg! (No cutie mark yet)

Step 5.

Add her front leg. Pay close attention to the placement and shape of her leg!

Step 6.

Add the second rear leg.

Step 7.

Add Octavia's last leg!

Step 8.

Add in her eyes, nose, and mouth. Try to give her a sophisticated look. She's a cello player.

Step 9.

Add Octavia's bow tie in. :3

Step 10.

Add her mane. Remember to make it nice, long, and a little fluffeh.

Step 11.

Put her tail in the correct spot. Octavia's tail is so long that it drags the floor, so pay special attention to the small flat spot on her tail where it touches the floor, and add a little fluff.

Step 12.

Add her cutie mark and erase all extra lines.

Step 13.

Now add Vinyl's ear to the correct circle.

Step 14.

Add Vinyl's body. Again, not too much detail!

Step 15.

Add Vinyl's legs. Sorry about the missing step. Be sure to add the legs in black as well as the legs in purple.

Step 16.

Add Vinyl's face. This one is a DJ, so no sophistication here!

Step 17.

Add the fluffy mane, tail, horn, and cutie mark.

Step 18.

Erase extra lines and clean up the lines.

Step 19.

Color and add a background if you wish and you're done!

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Artist: GriffinSketches
Date Added: April 20, 2015
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Description: An anime-ish version of 2 very popular background ponies!