How to Draw Michael Jackson's Face

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You will first need to draw a circle shape for Michael Jackson's head. Then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the neck and or face line.


In this step you will start sketching out the eyes as you see here and then the eyeballs. Color in the pupils and then sketch out the shape of Michael Jackson's nose.


For step three you will sketch out and color in his nicely tweezed or waxed eyebrows and then you can finish the lining for the eyes. Next sketch out his hair which is curly and a bit long in the front and sides. Sketch out the shape of the ear and t   


This is where it starts getting fun and a bit complex. You will now lightly sketch out the shape of Michael Jackson's face as you see here. If you notice Michael Jackson had an incredibly square jaw line. Once his face is sketched out you will draw t   


Continue to lightly sketch out the rest of his hair style and then sketch out the jacket collar as you see drawn out here. Once you have tweaked Michael Jackson's face to your liking you can then move on to see what your sketch should look like.


When you are done with your sketch, your pop star should look like the one you see here. You can add some color or you can keep him the way he is. I hope you guys liked this lesson on "how to draw Michael Jackson's face step by step".

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September 20, 2009

Description: As you all know I submitted an awesome Michael Jackson tutorial a while back and I have recently been getting e-mails asking that I so a lesson “How to draw Michael Jackson’s face step by step”. Of course I had to take a request like that into consideration because after all he was, and still is the king of pop. On my day off yesterday I sketched out a really nice portrait of Michael Jackson before he started changing is face. I chose to sketch out the image from his Thriller album because that was when he was in his prime I think. In total the sketch took me eight hours. Now that includes the coloring and everything. He came out almost perfect. I left the sketch as a black and white portrait and I hope you guys will have a blast with the tutorial. I should be drawing live by the time this lesson gets submitted. If I am live I want you guys to vote and comment on the sketched drawing. There is so many songs that Michael Jackson wrote and sang that are incredibly cool and awesome. One of my favorite songs and videos is Thriller because he turns into a werewolf and then a dancing zombie. My mother said when she first watched Thriller, she was a bit creeped out because of the scary looking zombie face that Michael Jackson had in the video. Another cool video is Billie-Jean, that is cool too especially when he is dancing on the illuminating white squares. Anyways I have to go because I need to concentrate on drawing and other stuff that needs to be done. Peace out guys and have fun with this lesson on “how to draw Michael Jackson’s face step by step”. Adios amigos!

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