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How to Draw Lucario

Artist: Lucaria95 / February 23, 2009
How to Draw Lucario

Step 1.

Now the basic the line in the hips isn't necesary but if you draw it it will be easier

Step 2.

Now let's add the rest of the body and some other parts like the ears, the tail, and the legs.

Step 3.

In this step we'll add the rest of the body details like the shoulders, the nose, and the little tails he has in the head.

Step 4.

Now let's add the eyes,the toes,the arm, and the the hand (make bigger the hand so it gives the effect it is toward us, many people already know this trick)

Step 5.

In this step we'll add some other little details.

Step 6.

An there you have Lucario.

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vicjac · 6 years ago
Artist: Lucaria95
Date Added: February 23, 2009
Steps: 6
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Tags: draw pokemon, how to draw a pokemon, how to draw pokemon, how to draw characters from pokemon, draw pokemons, draw a pokemon creature, draw a pokemon, how to draw pokemon characters, drawing pokemon, drawing a pokemon
Description: This is my first tutorial and it is on Lucario who is my favorite Pokemon so I hope you like it.