How to Draw League of Legends, League of Legends

How to Draw League of Legends, League of Legends
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Start with a horizontal line for the border, and then move to step two.


Using simple skinny block letters begin drawing out the entire word 'league', and then draw 'of' in a much smaller concept.


Next, draw out the entire word 'legends' and be sure to make the L and S larger than the rest of the letters.


Draw out the back shield of the three words, and then erase the one guide line.


This is how your logo should look when you are all done. Color in each word, and then move along to try something new.

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August 9, 2011

Here’s something different that I haven’t done before in the past. Drawing letters to make a logo or title for a game, band, or series is sometimes difficult to approach. I think for me it’s hard to draw letters and it’s mainly because I am using a tablet. I make letters a whole lot easier when it’s just pencil and paper. Anyway, this tutorial is going to be based on "<strong>how to draw League of Legends</strong>", step by step. The title looks like it can go both ways as to figuring out if it’s a series title or game title. LofLis an action packed video game by Riot Games the Company developed the game for Microsoft Windows back in 2008, and since then it has spawned into something intriguing. The game is played as two teams of champions, as far as what else the game consists of; I’m totally confused in that department. I’m sure a lot of you guys are going to be familiar with the title, and if you are you can rate, comment, and fav the lesson if you enjoyed learning "<em>how to draw League of Legends</em>". Adios people, and peace out!

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