How to Draw Laval, Legends of Chima

Artist: Dawn / January 29, 2013

Step 1.

Begin with the head and body shape like so, You will then sketch in the one facial guide.

Step 2.

Here we will draw or sketch out the plate that frames the face. This is also the front part of his helmet. As you can see there is many angles and bumps in its design.

Step 3.

Since we will be drawing Laval from more of a side view, you will need to draw the shape of his snout, then draw the straight line that defines the nose. Draw the brow and eyeball like so, then detail his cheek.

Step 4.

Draw the eyeball, then sketch in the detailing to the snout, mouth area, and and face. As you can see you will have to add some teeth. Sketch in the design on the head piece like so, then proceed to the next drawing step.

Step 5.

Draw the rest of Laval's helmet like so, then add some beveled lines to create a lump effect to his helmet.

Step 6.

You are already almost done. Draw the shoulders, arms, and torso as well as his neck.

Step 7.

Add the Chi orb on his chest, then draw the buttons that hold the cape to his chest plate. Add more detailing where needed.

Step 8.

Lastly, draw the cape, then draw in the sword that is on his back. Erase the mistakes and guides that where made throughout the lesson.

Step 9.

Here is Laval when you're done. Now color him in and your LEGO figure is finished.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I haven't drawn any LEGO characters in quite some time so today I will begin by showing you "how to draw Laval", step by step. Laval is the main character and he is also a brand new figure who was created earlier this year. Laval is from the Legends of Chima LEGO series, as well as the Legends of Chima: The Animated series which is set to air or is airing on Cartoon Network. His character is very distinct so getting him confused with another character from either series is slim to none, but still possible. This lion is equipped with a sword, and some pretty snazzy threads. Drawing Laval is going to be easy, fun and cool. If you are looking forward to the LEGO or series, you will definitely enjoy this tut. Adios mi amigos, and good luck.