How to Draw Kroenen From Hellboy

Artist: Dawn / January 3, 2015

Step 1.

Kroenen isn't going to be too bad to replicate. Just take your time and be patient. Start with a head guide then draw in the guidelines that forms the torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Using the head guide begin sketching out the face structure for Kroenen's masked face. The jaw line should be straight lined, and the temples and brow should protrude a bit.

Step 3.

We will now draw the front part of the SS style hat. This includes the band that flows through the front, and the small beads on the sides.

Step 4.

Complete the hat design by sketching out the rest of the beret. You will also need to draw in the German eagle emblem on the top part of the hat, then draw a small solid skull right on the front plate of the hat design. Sketch in some crease lines al   

Step 5.

We will now define the face. Kroenen wears a mask to cover his mummified face. Draw the large holes for the eyes, then sketch in the metal like grill for the mouth and jaw structure. Add all the detailing to the mask like the circular vent on the che   

Step 6.

You are almost done drawing Kroenen. We will tackle the task of drawing the SS style uniform that he is wearing starting with the shirt collar and trench coat jacket flaps.

Step 7.

Finish off Kroenen's attire by sketching in the rest of the leather style trench coat. This includes the shoulders, jacket opening, and seam borders along the edges of the jacket flaps. You will then draw in the iron cross that he is wearing around t   

Step 8.

Here you have the finished drawing of Kroenen from the Hellboy series. Color in this German Scientist and you have completed another cool task.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Dark Horse comic book series 'Hellboy' right? Well, the other day I was watching the first Hellboy movie with my little sister and I couldn't believe how many cool characters made up the story. Not only is Hellboy bad-ass, his enemies and friends are wicked as well. The other face that I found very interesting was the face you see before you now. This lesson is going to show you how to draw Kroenen, step by step. His full name is Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and aside from being a follower or disciple of the renowned Rasputin, he is also a German scientist who worked for the Nazis. For his image, Kroenen dresses in an SS uniform and has a Luger P08 on his hip as well as a set of mean daggers called Katars which come out from the sleeves of his trench coat. Anyways, I do think that you will enjoy this tut if you are a fan of the Hellboy comics. Thanks guys and enjoy the fun.