How to Draw Kid Buu

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Draw your framework for Kid Buu, by sketching out the shape of the head, and complete body until you have a workable mannequin. As you can see he is in a very confident stance.


You will now sketch out the actual shape of his head which is normal in the beginning, but then tappers off on the top into a swirl looking horn. Draw the back of his neck, and add the bold lining for his brow.


Finish off Kid Buu's face by sketching in his eyes, and then draw in his nasty grin. Color in around the eyes to emphasis his dark circles. Next, finish sketching out his neck and then begin drawing Buu's torso and right arm shape. As with all Dragon   


Now you will first finish drawing his arm and hand which is in a closed fist, and then draw his arm bracelet which covers most of his hand, and almost all of his forearm. Next sketch out the left arm and hand which is a hidden, and then draw the belt   


Sketch out the rest of his pants and then draw out the shoes which look a little like half boots. When that is done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare Kid Buu for color.


You have finished this lesson, and are ready to color him in. I do hope you had some good fun today, and I want you all to pat yourselves on the back because I guarantee that you did a great job!

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January 18, 2010

Description: Dragon Ball Z has by far come a long way since it's start back in 1995. Last year I was on a major DBZ kick and drew a bunch of tutorials of various characters from the anime series. Since then, I have recently dedicated a whole category section strictly for everything that has to do with Dragon Ball Z. I now find that more and more members and visitors are finding the tutorials they are looking for when it comes to this manga. So, having said all that I have, I will now submit a new character for the new section, and it will be on “how to draw Kid Buu, step by step”. You have to admit Majin Buu is one of the coolest characters from DBZ. I think it's because he was created like five million years before the story line of Dragon Ball takes place. From what I've read, Majin Buu was created from an evil wizard named “Bibidi”. Now Kid Buu on the other hand is the concentrated form of Majin Buu. Although he is small, and child like, this Buu is still very dangerous. He has the type of mindset where he will destroy his own self just to annihilate the world, pretty crazy huh? Kid Buu made his first debut appearance in chapter #460, and not only that but, he is the last or final villain of Dragon Ball Z. I really liked drawing out this character because it took me back to the days where I was absolutely obsessed with DBZ. I want to thank the member who requested this tutorial on “how to draw Kid Buu, step by step”, because without you, I wouldn't have thought to draw him up. I still have five more lessons coming your way. So if you have the time to stick around, keep your eyes open to see what I upload next. It's time that I make like a tree and leave. Peace people, and happy drawing!

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