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how to draw kawii zaymin

Artist: paperkitty12 / July 29, 2012
how to draw kawii zaymin

Step 1.

First. Start with. A simple circle

Step 2.

Then start drawing zaymins hair

Step 3.

Then start to get tha shape fo. Zaymins head

Step 4.

Then draw his cute kawii face

Step 5.

Then draw zaymins kawii body it sholud be really easy

Step 6.

Then draw zaymin hands if u want u can draw a micophone in his hands

Step 7.

Then draw cloths on him for details

Step 8.

Then ur done come see my next tut on how to draw lain

Step 9.

Here's a quick sugestion for one of his outfits

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Artist: paperkitty12
Date Added: July 29, 2012
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Description: Learn how to draw zaymin