How To Draw Johnny Depp As Jack Sparrow The Pirate

Artist: Dawn / January 16, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step draw one long oval circle for the head of the pirate, and one larger fatter oval circle for the torso.

Step 2.

Now this is were the detailing comes in. What you want to do is start sketching out his hair. Now Jack Sparrows hair is bunched up in knots, another words dread locks. If your not sure on what dreadlocks look like google it. Take your time and sketch   

Step 3.

In this step sketch out his mustache and goatee. His goatee is split in two and has small beads hanging from them. Its a pirate thing. The shapes look like small icicles.

Step 4.

The detailing in this can be time consuming. What you want to do is carefully sketch and color his dreadlocks with the little hairs twined together. When you look at it should resemble rope.

Step 5.

After you finished step 4, this step is were you will start to sketch out his shirt on the left hand shoulder. This is the same side where he is holding his sword.Move to the top of the image and draw his nose, and remember his face is on an angle, s   

Step 6.

Lets do something simple in this step and sketch out his bandanna. He has a a average size piece of it hanging in the back of his head. Finish off by drawing his sleeves on both arms.

Step 7.

Next sketch out his eyes and mouth. He has a heavy amount of eyeliner on his eyes and his mouth is almost perfectly shaped. After you finish with his face start sketching out the bottom half of his shirt and pants. That banana shaped thing sticking o   

Step 8.

Add detailing to his holster. The top of his shirt has a belt buckle that will be later detailed in other steps. His belt on the lower part of his hips has a measuring tape shape to it, and his hand to the far right needs to be sketched out as well.    

Step 9.

Detail the buckle, the gun holster and his scarf that sits around his waist some more. On the left side of the sleeve, under the arm is some detailing that is suppose to have the wrinkle effect to it.

Step 10.

A lot of details are going to be sketched out in this step. Enlarge the image to see exactly what needs to be detailed it is hard to tell you what the line art is.

Step 11.

In this step move back up to the head and give him some more dreadlocks. This time they are hanging out of his bandanna, one is totally filled with beads. His goatee needs to be colored in with the same kind of technique used for his hair. Put more d   

Step 12.

We are going to work on his left arm shirt now. This is a pirate shirt and of course the one thing that pirate shirts have is tons of wrinkles. So that is what you will be doing in this step is sketching out all the wrinkles in the shirt.

Step 13.

And finally, the last step is in your grasp. What you do here is sketch out his sword which is a standard looking sword that any pirate will possess. This particular sword wraps around his hand so keep that in mind when sketching it out. After that i   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Captain Jack Sparrow in the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean played by Johnny Depp is a Pirate Lord of the sea. Even though he is very stunningly handsome, he can also be a dangerous man. Instead of using violence with weapons, he uses his personality and persuasion to get things done. He is a skilled swordsman and will fight if necessary, but most of the time he runs from sticky situations. What drives Jack? Good question, he is actually trying to get his ship back called the “Black Pearl” from his former first mate Hector Barbossa. I found this film along with the sequels to be very entertaining and I found Johnny Depp to be very intriguing and sexy. Orlando Bloom was good to but not as attractive. I like almost all of his films and would recommend them to anybody I know. I used a picture from a magazine to use as a guide for some kind of direction. I tried to make out what exactly he was wearing, but some things were just too blurry. The sketch it self took me three hours, and then I had to scan the image into my comp to make the tutorial which was another time consuming process. All in all I think the drawing came out real nice. The tutorial is simple enough with easy to learn steps, so anybody can learn how to draw Jack Sparrow. I hope you like the tutorial and don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Okay that is it for now, till next time.