How to draw Jin Kamishina

Artist: Betsy / July 17, 2010

Step 1.

The first step is to draw the basic figure. just draw out a simple sketch, with a stick man. we dont need to go into detail just yet, so just copy the image.

Step 2.

Next, start adding his body shape. His is quite thin, but dont draw it to thin. Also at this stage we can start drawing his facial features. Sketch out his eyes, nose, mouth and hair.

Step 3.

Now start drawing his clothes. I outlined this in black pen so you could see the clothes in much better detail. He has a top with a collar and laces, pants and shoes. Now your ready for the final step...

Step 4.

Finaly just rub out all the guideline and outline it. Also add a hightlight to his hair. Now your done!

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Artist: Betsy
Date Added: July 17, 2010
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Description: Hello everyone! Im back with another tutorial. This was a request by tcjc1223anime, im really sorry it took me so long, but im having trouble uploading tuts. but its fine now. Now this character is from Dragonaut: The resonance. I dont really know much about this programme, but it im gonna watch it cause it sounds great! Well i hope tcjc and all you other people will enjoy the tut. SEE YA!