How to draw Aya Natsume from tenjou tenge

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Okay, the first step will be drawing out her body figure. First draw head with two line across the center for her eyes. Next, draw her body as a stick figure. Draw her shoulders first, Then draw her chest, not to big. Draw out her arms and also draw    


Now its time to add some meat to the figure. You are going to draw her shirt, and then add thickness her belly. Now add some meat to her legs, chunky at the top, then thinner as you get to the bottom of her legs. Also draw her breasts, she has fairly   


Now its clothes time! Just lightly sketch out her clothes. She as a school shirt, a skirt and long socks. She as a bow tie as well. Make sure you add creases to her clothes to make it realistic. On this step we are going to add her facial features. F   


Now its the final step. Rub out all the guidelines, so you can work on the hair. Her is flowing to the right side. Take your time with the hair. Also at this point you can add some shading if you want. And ther we have it! Aya Natsume, hope you enjoy   

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July 12, 2010

Description: Hello people of dragoart. Im back with a another tutorial. This character is from one of my favorite anime show, Tenjou Tenge. She is called Aya Natsume and her siblings are Shin Natsume and Maya Natsume. I will be doing more tutorials on Tenjou Tenge and i also do tutorial requests so please if you would like one, dont think twice to ask. The next character i will do from Tenjou Tenge will be Maya Natsume, hope you all enjoy this tutorial. See ya!

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