how to draw Jeena from Spectrobes

Artist: drawingqueen22 / May 30, 2012

Step 1.

okay, lets start with the underdrawing its her pose on the back of the game holder.

Step 2.

draw the left side of her body, and the jacket

Step 3.

draw her arm and the handshoe. she use it to comunicate with Rallen( i draw him soon)

Step 4.

draw the right side of her body and its over for her body

Step 5.

draw her right arm which get of your paper

Step 6.

draw her neck and a kind of point for her chin

Step 7.

Draw her eyes, nose and mouth

Step 8.

just draw her hair, and coulor her in. AND YOUR DONE!!

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Artist: drawingqueen22
Date Added: May 30, 2012
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Description: hey guys. im back and i play Spectrobes agine so i thought it would be cool to draw Jeena good luck with it