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How to Draw Hekapoo

Artist: Dawn / March 17, 2018
How to Draw Hekapoo

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the guidelines and shapes for Hekapoo beginning with the head, torso and dress guides. Once those are drawn in almost layered on top of eachother, you can sketch in the facial guidelines and then the arm guidelines.

Step 2.

Up next, draw the shape of her face and then proceed to draw in the hair which is the bangs first.

Step 3.

You can then draw the jagged tipped horns and then draw a crown like shape between them along with some shape for the back part of Hekapoo's head.

Step 4.

We will draw in Hekpapoo's face next starting with the one visible eye. Add some long lashes to it as well. Then draw the mouth and fangs, along with the detailing on her bangs, and inside her ear.

Step 5.

Draw some more hair chunks on the back part of her shoulders once you draw the neck, shoulders and arms. You will also give her a waist and chest and finish this step off with a hand.

Step 6.

Here all you will do is draw in the top part of her dress trimming. Then draw the belt or lining for the belt.

Step 7.

Hekapoo's dress looks like a big bushy chunk of hair, so having said that draw a big, round chunk of hair and add some layers at the base to make it look like bangs.

Step 8.

For our last drawing step, you will finish drawing Hekapoo's hair which is long and to the floor or past her feet I should say. Draw in her legs and boots then her design on the dress or gown. Erase all the mistakes and guides as well.

Step 9.

Here is the lineart once you are all done. Now go ahead and have fun coloring in Hekapoo from Star VS The Forces of Evil.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 17, 2018
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Tags: how to draw star vs the forces of evil, how to draw star vs the forces of evil characters
Description: Well folks, after going through some of the tutorials in the Disney section, I browsed through all the lessons on characters from SVTFOE or Star Vs The Forces of Evil, and I noticed I didn't have a tut on how to draw Hekapoo, step by step. One thing I will say first about Hekapoo is that she is a very colorful character especially seeing how her skin complexion is so white. She also has long vibrant red hair and a yellowish orange dress. Hekapoo made her screen debut in the episode titled 'Page Turner'. But who is Hekapoo? Well, she is the Scissors Enforcer and is the forger of all dimensional scissors. Another thing about Hekapoo is that she has a wicked laid back personality. She may look intimidating, but all in all, she can be pretty cool. That is of course once she thinks you are below her, she will act like she always has the upper hand. Anyways, have fun drawing Hekapoo and I will be back with some other fun tuts for you all. Adios amigos.