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How to draw Grovyle from pokemon

Artist: narek01 / July 11, 2012
How to draw Grovyle from pokemon

Step 1.

First of all we draw the basic outline of the left side of the body.

Step 2.

i hope you can see these. in this step we start on the other side of its body.

Step 3.

on goes his left arm.

Step 4.

and now we draw the left leg.

Step 5.

add the right leg. it goes straight so if you have big bends check again.

Step 6.

now we draw the right arm. realise the angle grovyle is on so this arm has to be shorter horizontally

Step 7.

i dont know what they are called but im going to call these leaves? add the leaves? to the 2 arms and lower back.

Step 8.

this is my finished drawing- add the eye and eyebrow and some detail to his stomach.(i drew a double line) if you cant really see the steps tell me please.

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Artist: narek01
Date Added: July 11, 2012
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Description: hello again guys. today you will hopefully learn how to draw grovyle which is a grass type pokemon. enjoy!