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How to draw Goten

Artist: Dandeeno / July 17, 2010
How to draw Goten

Step 1.

First we turn his body into shapes. So first draw his a circle for his head and finish it off with his chin. Do two circles for his arm and a smaller one for his fist. Now draw a rough circle for his chest and a semi circle for his waist. Draw his ar   

Step 2.

Now start on the face. Draw his eyes along the guidelines. Add his nose, ears and mouth. Choose whatever expression you like. Add his hair on to his face. Finally add the eyebrows.

Step 3.

Now add creases and folds along his chest and arms. Within the small circle add his fist.

Step 4.

Now add creases and folds along his legs and waist. Add the waist band...well on his waist. Now add his shoes.

Step 5.

Finally add his hair. Do plenty of spikes. That's it you're done! Shade and colour it in! I hope you enjoyed this lesson!

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Artist: Dandeeno
Date Added: July 17, 2010
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Description: Hi everyone! Now I'll be showing you 'How to draw Goten'. This was a request made by tcjc1223anime. I was really happy to get a request because I know it will help someone. Goten is the son of Goku and chi chi and the little bro of Gohan. I know dragonball z fans already know about him so I won't go deep into the character. I hope you enjoy the lesson on 'how to draw Goten'!