How To Draw Fox Mccloud From Star Fox

Artist: Dawn / June 1, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the frame of Fox McCloud. Start by drawing the shape of his head which is a perfect circle with facial guidelines drawn in. Now ontop of the circle shape draw the lining for his ears. For his torso just draw   

Step 2.

Now in this step you will be shaping his pointed ears a whole lot better and draw a long skinny triangle for the strip of marking that is on his head along with the lower sides of his fur. After all he is still a fox. Now you will also need to start    

Step 3.

You will begin to draw out his face in this step. Start with his eyes by drawing a slanted slightly curved straight line for the top lid and then a loop for the bottom. Almost like a fat banana. Now draw out the eyebrows and the lines to seperate his   

Step 4.

In this next step you will sketch out his eyes which is the pupil and ball. Now start to sketch out his ruffled shirt, his finger tips which are tucked and hanging slightly from under his arm, and draw a straight line at the bottom of his shirt with    

Step 5.

In this last step you will be just detailing and defining the creases and lining on the shirt. After your drawing looks like the one above you can erase all th guidelines and shapes that you drew in step 1.

Step 6.

And this is what your Fox McCloud should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do is color him in and add him to your collection. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Fox McCloud from Star Fox step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 1, 2008
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Description: In this tutorial today I will be showing you an easy way to draw Fox McCloud. This feisty fox is probably just as popular or right up the alley of Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Those three games are the ones I remember playing the most as a kid along with Metroid. Let’s talk a little about fox shall we. First off he is indeed a fox and he flies a fighter ship through out the empty void of space. Beneath the stars and welcomed by planets from all over. The game was developed in 1992 by a company called Argonaut Games and by Nintendo. The two companies got together to produce what they called a 3D or three dimensional space shoot’em up game. The new game was to be introduced for the new Super Nintendo and some units were sold with this particular game included, (for a slightly higher cost no less). Now, Fox McCloud’s attire consist of an orange jump suit with a white colored flight jacket. His signature boot color was metallic; of course you realize that Fox wore this particular outfit in the very first Star Fox game when it came out in 1993, besides his orange jump suit. If you remember, Fox wore a white vest not a jacket in Star Fox Adventures and his headgear was worn on his wrist instead. He also wore communication hardware above his brow to keep in touch with other fighter pilots and of course having communication with head quarters. The first game that was realest was Star Fox, and then came Star Fox 64, then Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault, Star Fox Command, and the re was also a video game where Fox stared in the Super Smash Bros series (something I played a lot). Star Fox has come and gone ion and out of homes for over 10 years now and will continue to stay that way for many years to come. There will always be a family that has some sort of Nintendo system in there house with a version of Star Fox. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Fox McCloud from Star Fox step by step. The detailed instructions take you threw this simple tutorial with ease. I hope you have a load of fun and “I’ll be back”